Nirbhaya Case: History Vs Present

Nirbhaya (Joyti Singh) was born to a couple Badrinath Singh and Asha Devi on 1989. She was born and raised up at Delhi. After completing her schooling and 2nd PU she decided to pursue her career in field of Physiotheraphy and enrolled herself in Physiotheraphy Institution in Dehradun.

Facts in Nirbhaya:

On the night of 16 December 2012, Nirbhaya went out with her boyfriend, Awindra Pratap Pandey to watch the film “Life of Pie”. On the way of returning home she borded a bus with her boyfriend. None of them would knew that this terrible incident could take place and that could choke the whole country.

This incident took place between Saket Mall to Palam Vihar. Along with Nirbhaya and her Boyfriend, there were more 6 people including the Bus driver who committed the crime. As they borded, bus deviated from the actual root and the bus driver locked the door. Nirbhaya and her boyfriend found suspicious, and a tussle arose between the male riders and Nirbhaya’s boyfriend when the male riders asked Nirbhaya that what is she doing in late night. As the tussle rose, Nirbhaya’s Boyfriend was beaten with rod and he became unconscious. Later Nirbhaya was drag to the end of the bus and was raped one by one by male riders including bus driver, in which one of them was a juvenile. A rode was inserted in her private parts by one of the attackers, ripping her private parts apart and was thrown out of the bus with her boyfriend.

Wide protest sparkled all over the India. Everyone were waiting for the justice to be provided. As the Justice was delayed the protest used to take a worst form. A protesters clashed with the police and were shot with tear guns and water cannons. A team of Delhi police was appointed to investigate the case. After the rigorous trial for several years in the Delhi High Court, the court sentenced death penalty to the convicts. Later the convicts appealed the Supreme Court to quash the verdict passed by the Delhi High Court. After the Supreme Court hearing the both side arguments, the court upheld the Delhi Court Verdict. But the convicts had a plenty opportunity like writing a letter for seeking forgiveness to President, were the letter was not entertained, even the convicts could ask for revision appeal in which herein the one of the convicts asked for the revision and the court on 2017 upheld the verdict, later The apex court had on July 9 last year dismissed the review pleas filed by the other three convicts — Mukesh, Pawan Gupta and Vinay Sharma. They had another chance to file a curative petitions in which Mukesh and Vinay - said they were in the process of filing curative petition in the Supreme Court to get a stay on the death sentence which was taking place on Jan 22 at 7 am at Tihar jail which postponed to Feb 1 and more dates. Finally on March 20 at 5:30 am the convicts were hanged in tihar jail. Justice served.

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